The Denali Recovery Alliance, a partnership between the Denali Chamber of Commerce & The Denali Borough, was formed in response to the effects of Covid-19 on our local economy.   We hope this page will serve as a source of information and collaboration between the Alliance and the residents of the Denali Borough.

The Denali Recovery Alliance was formed with the purpose of examining how to best aide recovery from the effects of Covid-19 on our local economy and tourism industry.   

The future of the 2020 tourism season, as well as the ripple effects to other industries have gone from bright and optimistic, to uncertain and scary.   Statistically, 1 in 4 small businesses do not reopen after facing a disruption of this magnitude.   Impacted businesses can affect Denali Borough revenue, limit services for residents, limit options for tourists or affect other entities they do business with.   There are ways for us as a community, to not only weather this storm, but to strengthen our community for the future.

As a community we have historically valued our schools, emergency services, non-profit programs and limited government.   It is time to look forward to determine how we will continue to provide that support during a time of diminished revenue and uncertain future.

The Denali Recovery Alliance is seeking public input on how COVID-19 has affected businesses and residents, in order to best assist with recovery efforts in the short term.   Additionally, we are  seeking input on a long term recovery plan to diversify and strengthen the economic base of the Denali Borough.

The Denali Recovery Alliance is chaired by Denali Borough Mayor, Clay Walker and Denali Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Vanessa Jusczak.   Panelist include members of the Denali Borough Assembly, local business employees, the Denali School District Superintendent and community members.