Denali National Park 2020 Updates

Things are different in Denali National Park for the 2020 season.   This page will be updated with the most recent information as it becomes available.

Private Vehicles Access:   Beginning June 1, private vehicle access reservations will be available using  .   The public will be able to reserve a time window on select dates for traveling the park road.

Drivers must purchase the permits for $55, which includes a vehicle park entrance fee of $30 valid for seven days and a vehicle permit fee of $25, valid for one day. The park entrance fee does not apply for annual or lifetime park passes, and that is all accommodated during the reservation process. At check-in, drivers must show identification, annual or lifetime pass and vehicle permit reservation.

Permits will allow drivers to drive their own vehicles to Teklanika River between June 1-30 and then all the way to Eielson Visitor Center during a handful of weekends between July and September.

“Driving the Denali Park Road is a unique opportunity and not to be undertaken lightly. Visitors will traverse a winding, gravel road that is one to one-and-a-half lanes wide at some spots. There are steep slopes, no cell service and limited access to facilities. Please be aware you’ll be sharing the road with buses and heavy equipment.”

Teklanika Permit Information                                          Eielson Permit Information